Apicius is a collection of Roman recipes, alternatively known as the ‘De re coquinaria’ (On the Subject of Cooking). The work is dated to the late fourth or early fifth century and was written by Apicius Caelius. The text allows us to gain a better understanding of the culinary habits of the wealthiest classes in ancient Rome and around the surrounding regions.


The name ‘Apicius’ had been long associated with excessively refined food. This is because of Marcus Gavius Apicius, a wealthy man who lived in the first century CE and was famous for his for elaborate tastes.

"Apicius, the most gluttonous gorger of all spendthrifts, established the view that the flamingo's tongue has a specially fine flavour."


Book Index

Book no. Latin English
Book 1 Epimeles The Careful Housekeeper
Book 2 Sarcoptes The Meat Mincer
Book 3 Cepuros The Gardener
Book 4 Pandecter Many Ingredients
Book 5 Ospreon Pulse
Book 6 Aeropetes Birds
Book 7 Polyteles The Gourmet
Book 8 Tetrapus The Quadruped
Book 9 Thalassa The Sea
Book 10 Halieus The Fisherman

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